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Does this sound like you?

Dating Sites for Married Men – Mike’s Story and Solution

‘Mike’ is typical of the thousands of people who are dedicated family men who have spent their married lives working hard, providing for their families, running the kids everywhere and meeting the dozens of daily demands presented by work and family life.

While ‘Sally’ his wife is a great housekeeper, she has slipped into a domestic routine and finds excuses to reject Mike, who is still an attractive, virile guy who has tried hard to show the loving, sexual intimacy that needs to be a major part of a healthy relationship.

Feeling rejected

Like thousands of other seemingly perfect couples they have fallen into the all too common situation where previously loving couples have let other things get in the way … or just stopped trying to please each other. He feels he has become unimportant in Sally’s life. He regards himself as nothing but a provider and in some ways, a servant of the family.

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