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New Year, New Friends

New year, new friends

New year, new friends

I had great a New Year’s Eve with my friends and family. We ushered in 2019 with many multi-coloured fireworks outside in the park, high in the sky and on the Harbour and madness was all around me.

The smell of barbecues was everywhere with beer cans and stubbies in huge eskies chilling down ready to be poured down many parched throats.

Many people were having a great time with their partners, hand in hand or dancing close. The sensual air was laced with the sights of kissing, passionate cuddling and touching. As the evening progressed, many were in various stages of undress ready for later in the night to consummate the 2019 New Year in a more private location.

There was plenty of drunken revelry. My hangover is evidence that I had a great time, and I did my best in the sexual attraction stakes, with my best drunken lines and manoeuvres. I was dancing and singing as best as I could to show I still had a John Travolta style somewhere.

Another year looms, being alone again

Yet now, I am alone again in the same old situation as before. Another twelve months to go of the same old, same old… New Year’s resolution, not determined yet, but I certainly don’t want a year of being alone and sexually under-nourished and frustrated like in 2018.

I am optimistic that 2019 will be unleashing my libido to let me be fulfilled and liberated. If not, I feel I may explode, or my sexual energy will dry up forever.

My partner doesn’t seem to have these issues and is quite content to plod along in the same mechanical way, with little emotion or passion. Her focus only on her career, the kids or the gym workout.

Don’t delay, organise the first date now

Now is the right time for action; to get my objectives started early in 2019 before I also succumb to my own work pressures and lose this optimism and become lethargic. I have been looking at how I can fulfil my sexual desires and passions.

How do I move quickly and get the best results for my time and money? After all, 2019 promises to disappear more quickly than 2018.

I had heard about the great results that Susan from of Married Affairs Sydney was getting for all her members. This is how you can form long term relationships with someone to have ongoing fun; enjoy similar interests and passions and yet have no complications at home. This enables you can keep the peace in your home life by reducing sensual tensions. This approach is so much better than resorting to a visit to a massage parlour.

Conveniently located in the Sydney CBD I found it easy to make an appointment to pop in at lunch time or in a coffee break. After an initial free of charge consultation to determine my requirements I was on my way with my first introduction and others are set to follow until I find the match that’s perfect for me.

A secure solution

Being face to face, rather than having to deal with an on-line dating company, your key criteria are locked in and your sexual match and tastes refined. You are dealing with real people and not a data gathering machine or hacker.

Your information is not on line for some mega data miner to target you for marketing campaigns or for data sourcing by some unscrupulous overseas organisations.

Susan has a 75 per cent success rate in matching people’s requirements and has been successfully matching people for 15 years. The key is discretion, privacy and providing the client with maximum flexibility until the right partner is met.

I would suggest you get in early and make an appointment for 2019 to find the sexual success that is your goal.

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