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Stay Safe, Know Who You Are Meeting

Stay safe, know who you are meeting

A recent media report of a female doctor who was attacked by her on-line date highlights the difference between online dating and a professional, face to face consultation.

A woman received multiple stab wounds from a man she met on a popular dating site, attacking her after he broke into her home on the NSW coast in November 2016.

The couple had been dating for some time, but this horrific example shows why it’s so important to use the services of a professional introduction agency when you want to have that spicy affair.

Care is needed in meeting

We need to understand the need to safeguard our privacy, yet when we are looking to meet someone for an affair to add excitement and give us what we need in our lives, many don’t think through all the issues.

Online profiles can be misleading, either intentionally or because there’s not enough information posted to let you make an informed choice. The differences between meeting online and through an introduction service are significant.

Speak with real people, not online with uncertain identity

At Married Affairs Sydney, you have personal meetings at our Kent Street Sydney office or in Canberra, Brisbane and Melbourne. Unlike online sites that don’t have a local address, you speak with a real person who will explain how the process works. A reputable agency like Married Affairs Sydney takes the time and effort to personally interview and search its clients to verify their identity and assess their suitability as a member.

Introductions are arranged in person, discreetly, at the introduction company’s Kent Street Sydney office, and in other states, only when both parties know the background and description of the person with whom they will meet.  With us, you will only be introduced to quality people whose identity is verified and who will live up to your expectations.



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