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Considering a casual dating relationship in Sydney with no strings attached?

Here’s our guide to connecting with your playmate.
Are you looking for an affair? You've come to the right place. We're considered as the most successful and effective dating agency in Sydney for married people. Whether you're looking for affairs with married men or affairs with married women, we can help you connect with the right playmate.
Keep the relationship casual and start dating a married Sydney sider
Having an affair is a thrilling time in one's life. Married affairs in Australia are becoming an increasingly popular trend, and for good reason too! Discreet dating and affairs are secretly sexy and heart-racingly exciting. Spice up your love life and have your desires and needs fulfilled with married dating, thanks to a casual relationship match here in Sydney. NO strings attached.

Married Affairs Sydney will make your experience of casual affair dating discreet, safe and mutually beneficial. Join now and have an introduction within 24 hours and start your journey to affairs dating today.

At Married Affairs Sydney, we're here to assist you experience a deeply satisfying ongoing affair with no strings attached. Here are some guidelines to help you make the most out of married dating in Sydney.

How should Sydney men approach a casual dating affair or relationship?
1. Be Polite
This is the most common rule in dating, and in affair dating it’s no different. Remember, impressions are important. A genuine compliment about her outfit or her grooming will be appreciated. If you’ve shared a coffee or a meal, offer to pay for the bill. It doesn’t need to be a fancy restaurant - best to keep it simple and casual.
2. Be Confident
Women love confidence, but it’s important to not be brash. Confident people attract others: arrogant people put others off. Flirting is a perfect way to make her feel the centre of attention. Ask her about her views, her preferences and what matters to her. Make sure you listen! You don’t need to be gushy but you should be a gentleman.
3. Keep it Light
She is looking for a good time and so are you. Avoid discussing heavy-duty personal issues you may have (spouse, family, health etc.). You’re both married dating, so it’s a fair assumption the spouse situation isn’t going well. Keep topics fun and sexy and you’ll both have a great time.
4. Make an Effort
Although she is discreetly dating, she will go to some effort to get ready for your meeting. You should too. You don’t need to go overboard. A shower, shave, clean clothes and a dash of cologne will go a long way. There’s no need for designer clothes, just something clean and smart will do for your dating affairs.
5. It's About the Sex Right?
Yes, it’s about the sex, but don’t expect to jump into her panties immediately. It's imperative you make her feel comfortable. For many women, there is a need to develop a connection at some level. It might be one or two common interests, swap a few anecdotes - and have a few laughs. Raise the subject of sex and gauge how comfortable she feels to discuss details. It’s important to know how far she is willing to go in your married affair. Best to know what she likes before you undress her, right?
6. Give it Time
If you don’t collapse in erotic bliss don’t be critical or disappointed. She may be shy in discreet dating. Things are new and you’re both unfamiliar with each other’s body and sweet spots. There is no specific time length for affairs dating, so enjoy the ride and continue to explore each other at your own paces. It’s all part of the dating affairs fun.
How should Sydney women approach a casual dating affair or relationship?
1. Look Good
You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression, so work with your natural attributes to present alluringly. Look sexy on your affairs dating! Brush your hair, wear an appropriate amount of makeup and a flattering outfit. As a woman, your appearance is key in how to have an affair. Your effort will translate into interest and your married dating and affair will come easy and be fun.
2. Be Courteous and Appreciative
Courtesy can be expressed in many ways, including being on time for your date, and not changing or cancelling arrangements with little or no notice. This is especially important in discreet extramarital affairs, as no one has time to waste. Just as you expect to be treated with respect, so does he. Don’t keep checking your phone, focus attention on him and if you share a drink or a meal offer to contribute. If he insists he pays, accept with a gracious smile and a "Thank you".
3. Don’t Spoil the Occasion
Take care to avoid talking about subjects that will spoil the occasion. You’re both attached dating so it is perfectly normal to touch on your respective situations, but it’s best not to dwell on topics like your marriage or ex. This can create a negative atmosphere, which is not what you want when having a discreet affair.
4. Be Yourself
No point in trying to double guess what he may be thinking. Be yourself. After all, you want to relax and have fun with him. In turn, he wants to know what you want. Be honest-say what you mean during your attached dating journey.
5. Money Matters
Married dating and affairs are different to single dating and this includes the matter of expenses. Married dating is about being together for fun and great sex. He is discreetly dating as well, so it's appropriate to not expect him to pay all the bills. Offer to contribute toward expenses like meals and hotel rooms. Remember, a married affair is a shared arrangement.
6. Talk About Sex
The best thing about affair dating is the sex. Discuss your intimate preferences, what you like and don’t like. Be clear. He wants to talk about having sex and will appreciate the opportunity to discuss details. Invite him to do so. It’s best for both of you to have this conversation before you undress each other.
7. Give it Time
You're both unfamiliar and new to each other. Don’t be discouraged to continue to explore one another. You just need more fun time together to get into sync for a pleasurable discreet dating experience. It’s all part of having an affair.
What should I expect from a casual dating relationship with Married Affairs Sydney?
The mission of Married Affairs Sydney is to connect you with exactly the right playmate and support you so that you experience a passionate extramarital affair, no strings attached. We are a professional married affairs dating agency with over 12 years' experience and a peerless reputation for 100% discretion.

Whether you are a woman looking for a married man, or you’re a married man seeking a woman, we can connect you with your perfect playmate.

Start your discreet extramarital affair now and appreciate why married affairs is Australia's unspoken sexiest game.



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Great matchmaking here, couldn’t be happier with my two introductions. After an extremely disappointing sex life with my husband for 20 years I was ready to just give up. I'm now rejuvenated and couldn’t recommend it highly enough. Home life is great and I'm now getting the sex life I deserve. - Rating 5/5

I was only recently married and my wife just stopped having sex with me. She said there is no problem and I didn’t have to worry about it. It shattered my confidence for 2 years then I decided to do something about it. The team at Married Affairs not only hooked me up with a bombshell blonde that was gorgeous and married, I got my confidence back. Thank you! - Rating 5/5

I am just too much woman for my husband, he can't keep up in the bedroom and actually agreed I need to work out my sexual frustrations elsewhere. I contacted Married Affairs and found a great partner that gives me the sex I need whilst retaining a great relationship with my husband. It’s a win win. - Rating 5/5

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